I was an explainer for two cycles and enjoyed (most) every minute of it. I met friends I still see every so often and the experience colored my world. Frank, Darlene, Tom T.and Ned. We had the best group(s) of explainers ever- but I guess they all are. We managed to get a whole lot of ‘splaining done, and still found a lot of time to party ;-)

Frank taking the time to explain AM Lightning to a couple of clueless orange jackets, or giving lectures on light to the group. You Just knew that you were someplace and time special. I always loved going to Ocean beach by the zoo for buckets of  black sand and BBQ. Wed night shift and the ringing of the bell at the end of the busy -rainy days crowds.

Cows eye dissection and the red laser ” do you have a diamond ring?”. Swinging that massive drawing board to color up a length of butcher paper. Good stuff.

After hours fun at the tactile dome. Climbing the pedestals at the Palace OFA. Getting into other museums for free with my staff card. The paycheck was nice to get too.

I still use some of what I learned there, the art of personal interactions and the science too.

Thanks for the memories and Pax vo bis cum!


Hi my name is Babganouche. I want to be remembered forever so I am writing on the memory wall!


Exploratorium High School Explainer, 1980’s


Sally Duensing prototyping the Cheshire Cat Exhibit, photo by Nancy Rodger


Staff Scientist Paul Doherty Plays the Bass Whirly, 1988, photo by Esther Kutnick


Jad King in the Graphics Department, 1970’s, photo by Kurt Feichtmeir

markdulci asked:
I'd love to see pictures of an exhbit at the Exploratorium in the later 1970's. It was the jaw bone of a whale, created into a Solar Harp... It set center of the Exploratorium, under a sky light to let the rays in (when the fog was shining..lol). An old friend, Eric built it and it was displayed for a long time.

Yes! You are talking about Solar Harp, aka Sun Harp, built by Eric Reiter. Here are some photos of the exhibit.

I had a friend, Eric, who built a Solar Harp from the Jaw Bone of a whale.  It was center place during the later 1970’s (I remember 77-78 it being there).  A skylight let sun rays down to the floor, as the sun rays hit the harp, it would play wonderful sounds…  I wish I had picture….

My work place for 10 amazing days! (2006, invited for artist residence by Pam Winfrey)